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Drama CD translations (primarily Starry Sky), formerly caciturnity

note: these translations are from japanese -> chinese -> english, and I am by no means a professional translator, therefore these may not be 100% accurate. Thank you for your understanding.

Seiza Danna Vol. 3 - Taurus & Gemini

track 16.Astronomical observations with Iku 

The night sky in autumn is so desolate* isn’t it? However, if you come to the countryside, you can still see many stars. Give me your hand, we’ll hold hands while walking. I originally wanted to talk to you about the stars, but just looking up at them like this isn’t bad either, no?

Eh? Ne, that song, the one you were just humming, is it one of my old songs? Aah, no, it didn’t stir up any unhappy memories, I was just a bit surprised. No need to mind me so much. Afun, eh? So you didn’t realize you were humming it. Aah, but if unconsciously start humming it, then it means that you must have heard it when I wasn’t by your side? Because you like it? It cheers you up? I see. It’s somewhat embarrassing*. But I’m also a bit happy to hear that. 

僕は入院中のお姉さんに少しでも元気になって欲しくて、歌っていたんだ。だから、僕の歌は全て姉さんのためのものだった。それを君が聞いて、好きだと思ってくれていたなんて、不思議な感じがする。まだ僕の歌を聴いている人 がいるなんて、思ってもいなかった。え?今歌って欲しい?
Back then, I sang to raise the spirits of my sister who was in the hospital. Therefore, all my songs were written for my sister. So the fact that you heard these songs, and that you’d like them, it’s rather unbelievable. I never thought that even now, there would still be people who’d listen to my songs. Eh? You want to hear me sing now?

Aah, un, if you insist that I sing, then I suppose it’s alright… What a bossy* princess. Can I expect some sort of incentive for this? Just kidding, no need to get worried. Alright, I’ll sing. Specially just for you, okay? I don’t know if my singing will be satisfactory, but, if you wish for me to sing, then I’ll sing. From now on, my singing all belongs to you alone. (chu♡)

If you keep staring at me like that, then I’ll get even more embarrassed, look at the stars and listen to me sing. Here, come into my arms. 

(*The word used in Japanese is 慎ましやか which means ‘modest’, while the Chinese translation is ‘冷清’ which means ‘cold and desolate’. I chose to use the Chinese translation because it sounded like it made more sense? ;; But basically he means that you normally don’t see many stars, I guess.)

(*困った can mean embarrassing or troubling)

(*わがまま can mean selfish or willful, but I thought that bossy would fit best in the context)

(And once again we get shafted of his singing. Just like  in the crappy anime. You think we’ll ever hear him actually sing? I don’t think so.)

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